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How to properly prepare a handball match?

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When you prepare your match, you must plan a game plan in relation to your game project. Plan the game systems, the starting 7 and the substitutes etc... But as very often a handball match is a moment of unpredictability where lots of things are going to happen. You will have to be reactive and not let yourself be overwhelmed. Here are 8 situations you need to know how to respond to for each match. For each point I propose an open list of questions.

1. You are trailing quickly by 4, 5 goals

According to the adversary who is opposite, are you going to change your defensive system? Do you set your time out quickly? What messages are you sending and what attitude are you going to adopt?

2. You quickly lead by 4.5 goals

Do you continue to raise all the balloons? Do you change tactics in defense? What message are you sending? How are you going to react?

3. One of your handball players is expelled quickly

You must know depending on the position how you will reorganize the device. If you lose your only centre-half, do you move a back or a pivot to that position? Are you going to play directly at 2 pivots etc... If your goalkeeper is sent off, which player can go and play in goal? If you have a substitute goalkeeper, who do you take out on the 2min?

If you loose your demi-center, who will play ?

4. An opponent is expelled

How should your team behave afterwards if they are the best player? Should she harass the opponent to take advantage of the excess very quickly? Should she be patient? Are you changing devices? Where should you insist to destabilize the opponent?

5. One of your key players is injured

Imagine that such and such a player on your team is injured. What is the impact of his exit from the game on the team? How will the team reorganize? What changes are you going to make? What will your instructions be? Will the opposing team change their behavior?

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A key player is injured, what will that change in your game plan?

6. The opposing team changes their behavior

The opponent who was amorphous in the first half comes back from the locker room with a lot of aggression. Or the opposing team passes on a very layered defense. What message are you sending? Do you make replacements? Are you making changes to your device to counter them?

7. The opposing handball team changes tactics

The opposing coach asks his team to defend in 1/5 zone while they were man to man. Have your players seen this change? How did they organize themselves? Is your system effective? Do you have to make adjustments or change it? Do you have to bring in certain players?

8. You are behind 5min from the end

Do you still have plenty of time to score? Depending on the opponent, will you get them with a staggered defense? OR do you have to be patient? Are you changing your game system in attack? What message are you sending? What attitude do you adopt? Do you make replacements?

These lists are not limited and it is up to you to add questions and elements to anticipate as much as possible what could destabilize you. There is nothing worse than a coach who messes up and doesn't know what to do when it comes to making decisions. Indecision is a factor that is transmitted to the team and doubt can arise as a contagion. By trying to plan as much as possible, you get out of a lot of difficult situations later in the match. It's up to you to play for your next match...


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