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Handball : Improve rotational strength

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The ability to relay forces between the lower and upper limbs is one of the keys to handball performance. Often practiced statically and/or dynamically, sheathing can also be rotating. We then seek to associate the deep and superficial muscles around the pelvis in a coordinated and reflex manner. Whether it's for the pivots (who we think of first), or the other positions, it is essential to develop this type of strength. I will explain how in this article.

Improve rotational strength through core work

The “core” includes the abdominal muscles (transverse, rectus abdominis, obliques), the lumbar muscles (vertebral gutter muscles, latissimus dorsi, serratus), the pelvic floor and the hips.

These muscle groups are often strengthened in isolation. However, it is essential to consider them as a whole, and even more so in a dynamic way. Clearly to get closer to the gestures of our activity: handball.

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Dynamic sheathing is essential for all positions

What will dynamic sheathing be used for? In which circumstances ?

  • Sprints and accelerations : good sheathing will allow a better transfer of force between the lower and upper body. We will therefore run faster and get less tired

  • Changes of direction : control of imbalance in the air, side leg thrust, all so-called "performance" actions are improved thanks to good dynamic sheathing.

  • Shooting : A solid dynamic sheathing will considerably increase your shooting power!!

Exercises to improve rotational strength

  • All these exercises should be performed in balance,

  • Even for very trained players, a new drill should first be performed slowly and in a controlled manner. Then the speed will gradually increase

  • The hips must remain engaged throughout the movement, to ensure the transfer of forces between the lower and upper body, but also to improve the dynamic flexibility of the bust

  • Always remember that the further the load (or resistance) is from the center of the body, the more difficult the exercise.

Bust Rotation with Barre

Why ? Develops lateralization and stabilization of the center of the body, the exercise connects the abdominals to the adductors, strengthening this link in the force transfer chain (performance), and limiting the risk of inflammation in this area (prevention of pubalgia...)

Rotation with elastic

Why ? This exercise dynamically involves the spinal, transverse and internal/external obliques. The sheathing is particularly complete

Kettlebell snatch with rotation

Why ? The exercise allows the deep work of the abdominal obliques, and a dynamic control of the rotation of the column. Associated with a work of proprioception...

When to use this type of exercise in handball?

These drills should be practiced throughout the season. On a regular basis, with control even in the youngest. Once or twice a week, it requires a good warm-up and above all unlocking work. Never forget in order: control, speed, load...


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